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Smart Currency Premier provides a dedicated, bespoke service to manage high-value international payments, both personal- and business-oriented.

We have over fifteen years’ experience ensuring significant sums of money are transferred safely and securely.

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As close partners of premium brands The Luxury Property Show and The Luxury Ski Show, we have a particular expertise in currency transfers for luxury property purchases.

As such, we understand the importance of careful planning to safeguard funds from the volatility of the ever-changing foreign exchange markets. Smooth and safe transfers are an absolute cornerstone of the buying process, and are crucial to helping our clients achieve their dream of buying overseas.

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Protecting high-value purchases

Each one of our clients receives a personalised service from registration through to execution of transaction and beyond. Your Personal Trader stays with you throughout the process, using their knowledge of your own situation and needs to offer you expert advice and solutions.

We focus above all on removing the risk from making large or frequent international payments. We’re in a climate of great political volatility, and this is reflected in the currency markets. An €800,000 property bought in sterling would have changed value by up to £40,000 in the last twelve months. By using a forward contract, your Personal Trader can lock in one exchange rate for up to a year, so you have the peace of mind of knowing exactly how much you are paying.

“I am impressed how efficient, secure and slick the process is. Several layers of security and confirmation processes give you a real sense that your funds are secure. Once your exchange rate is fixed, you have the worry of fluctuating exchange rates removed and you can concentrate on your purchase.”

Andrew Marsden

“No matter whom I spoke to, they took time to explain the process and kept in touch throughout, and were professional, knowledgeable and courteous at all times.”

Diane Davis

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